When selecting the necessary tools for a home studio should be guided by several factors. Firstly, they will generalist or processing specific materials (wood, metal, etc.). Second, the available space in the room. It is also worth thinking about the purchase of high-quality drilling machine for the home.

Purchase of professional equipment for enterprises in this case is not entirely justified, since it is not possible to provide the necessary amount of energii.Sverlilny machine And the cost of these instruments is significantly higher. In any case, you need to take care of the place where the home boring machine will be installed. For it is necessary for at least a room or garage.


rotary tool work station


In total there are two modes of use of domestic drilling machines:

In the first case, the tools work for several hours every day. In the latter case the machine is switched on for a few minutes. When using household tools recommended to make a break for 5-10 minutes every 20 minutes of work. Even for home studios choose the professional level equipment. These machines are able to make holes with a diameter greater than 16 mm.



If the performance of your workshop small enough, then we can do low level of domestic machine. Their power does not exceed 600 watts. This is more than enough for the treatment of wood, sheet metal and steel. However, home workshops owners often become more expensive tools for the development of its production.

equipment Problems

The main task of each drill - making holes in the blanks. The machines have to limit the maximum diameter of the hole. For this reason, you must decide what size they should be for your needs. Most home machines are capable of delivering a diameter of 16 mm, and that is enough. However, there may be exceptions.

If you need prodelyvat small holes up to 6 mm in diameter, it is recommended to buy a small drill press. Anchor Corvette 411 or Proma VR-6D0 can quite cope with such tasks. Manufacturers of this equipment is positioned as a high-precision, or, professionally speaking, precision products. They are easy to fit for the manufacture of electronic equipment, such as printed circuit boards.

For making larger holes up to 60 mm diameter are used machines another class. For example, Optimum B50GSM able to promptly produce a 60cm-diameter holes. Furthermore, when drilling through thick metal bars (5 cm) should be considered stroke spindle quill.

If you need prodelyvat a plurality of openings in the details, you should buy a Radial drilling machine type. They mounted transverse column, spindle head allows to change the angle of his departure. You will save production time, as will not spend it on removal of the workpiece and its installation in the desired position.